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Joomla Training For Your Workplace


Experienced instructors come to your office and give you personalized instruction in Joomla! the award winning Content Management System (CMS)


Learning to manage your website has never been easier. With the advent of content management systems (CMS), learning to add articles, images, blog entries, etc. is a snap!

Q- What is “Joomla”?

A- Joomla is a pre-built website solution that demystifies the concept of website management. It is infinitely expandable and allows simple integration of popular components such as shopping carts, photo galleries, download management areas, user account creation, and so much more!

  • Content Management- how to create sections, categories and articles. Set publish dates and expire dates for articles to ensure fresh content always!
  • Frontpage Management- how to make your frontpage look like a million bucks! Add images, articles, polls, contact forms, and more!
  • Extend your website- How to install and deploy components, modules, and plugins. Get the most your software has to offer!

Contact us today! We have immediate openings for your group (up to 10 people) for an introductory price of $175 for a 2.5 hour gathering.

Some caveats- A smooth experience is always what we seek to deliver so here's a small "wish list" to make our time as productive as possible:

  • An active wireless internet connection
  • All usernames and passwords on hand and ready for immediate access. It would behoove you to log in and check the validity of each so we don't have to track down the proper login.
  • In group settings, we recommend each person bring their own computer (laptop) so that the experience is truly hands-on.
If your group is larger than 5 people, a $10/per head charge will be applied to each additional audience member.

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