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Getting Started

Step One: Schedule a consultation with us.

You'll need to come to this meeting prepared to discuss your basic ideas, budget and timeline. We will come to the meeting prepared to clearly explain our services and costs. Whether we meet at our office, your office or a coffee shop halfway in between, it is essential that there is a working internet connection available.

Step Two: The Initial Project Meeting.

This is a crucial step to getting off to a good start and getting your site launched in a timely manner. The following checklist is intended to give you some clear guidance for this important meeting.

Project Meeting Checklist:

  • Internet Access
    Again, a good internet connection MUST be available. We cannot work or discuss the world of the internet without being able to connect to it.

  • ALL usernames and passwords
    If you have an existing website we will need all usernames and passwords that are required to access your hosting or domain registry account. We cannot proceed without this information so if you don't have access to them please let us know well ahead of time. We can usually help you track them down and will be happy to do so, we'd just rather do so ahead of time instead of on the fly.

  • Any sort of copy or Images
    You most likely already have some logos, images and text or articles you know you you'll want to incorporate into your new site. Take some time before the meeting to think about what you have already on hand to use. Please bring all these things to the Project Meeting on a thumb/flash drive or disk. What you have versus what we'll need to create from scratch determines what sort of work will need to be done to get your site from the "vision" stage to the "reality" phase.

  • A Glossary of terms and company information
    We don't know your business, but you do! If you can provide us with a small list of terminology and basic definitions used in your line of work will cut down on any sort of confusion from our end. If you have brochures, articles about your company or anything else that will help us learn about your business, bring that along as well.

  • A Distraction-Free Setting
    Building a website is a creative process and the free-flow of ideas is essential in the process of transferring your vision to our programming. Routine daily office interuptions and phone calls wreak havoc on our ability to move your project from a dream to reality. We ask that you try to devote distraction-free time for the planning meetings. If all else fails, we work well in quaint little coffee shops and most of them have internet access.
  • /l

    Adhering to this checklist helps things flow very nicely and allows us to get your project done more efficiently. Benjamin Franklin once said "If you are going to spend 6 hours cutting down a tree, invest the first 5 hours into sharpening the axe".

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